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Frescoes and murals

Applico studio was established in 2006. Our repertoire includes art painting, design and manufacturing of frescoes (finished frescoes, wall-mount frescoes) using custom technology. We have our own branded catalog of images available; in addition, if you need a unique fresco, we can process a customer’s order delivered on digital media.

Unique wall painting, frescoes produced according to contemporary Italian technology

Applico studio offers frescoes produced according to unique Italian technology. A fresco is created by transferring an image to a surface. This technology ensures the following result: the fresco preserves an authentic look and style while efficiently combining the work of a painter with contemporary technology. This technique allows the fresco to become more affordable, while keeping the same unique appearance. A fresco is considered an everlasting classic; indeed it can become the perfect decoration for any space.

A combination of contemporary technologies and ancient arts — finished frescoes and wall-mounted frescoes by «Applico»

Applico specialists know how to renovate an apartment or house interior with the help of painting a fresco-through image application to any surface. A wall-mounted fresco painting installed, could become an optimal solution for those seeking an inimitable and distinguishing style for their home.

Wall-mounted frescoes and finished frescoes, painting made by professional artists

Applico studio has profound experience in cooperation with painters designers and architects in the field of interior decoration. We are proud to have a team of the most professional artists, designers and managers in our studio, who have perfected painting, design and application technologies.

Inimitable painting, frescoes (finished frescoes and wall-mounted frescoes) will bring comfort and uniqueness to your home

Our designers and layout artists can bring individuality and uniqueness to your home with the help of finished wall-mounted frescoes and plasters. Even the most ambitious solutions, the most unexpected projects can become a reality. Painting and frescoes have the ability to emphasize the originality and creativity of our clients. Frescoes produced by Applico can be produced in various sizes and can be applied to any surface to add a special accent to your home. In the past, frescoes were available only to a select few. However, thanks to modern technology, a fresco can now be produced very efficiently and therefore has become available to more people. It will point out your distinguished style and add charm to any space.

If you are interested in frescoes, you can find more information on the dedicated pages of our website.

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